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Sustainable energy - carbon neutral

Firewood is a renewable resource. The good forestry practices and efficiencies promoted by the Donegal Woodland Owners Society help to increase the supply of this renewable energy resource and improve the local supply of wood fuel. Wood is a biofuel and is therefore a carbon neutral form of energy. Obtaining it from a local supplier helps to reduce your carbon footprint and supports local businesses.

Wood Fuel & Burning Wood

Wood is a versatile fuel that can be burned in many ways and in different appliances. It can be burned to produce hot water, to cook, to heat one or more rooms or the whole house, or a combination of all or some of these. To produce heat for one or more rooms logs can be burned in an open fire or a wood burning stove.

Wood Burning Stoves & Ranges

A wood burning stove is a more efficient alternative to an open fire and can have an efficiency of over 70%. Certain wood burning stoves can be burned in smokeless zones and also be fitted with back boilers to heat one or more radiators or domestic hot water.

Burning Wood as Fuel

Wood needs plenty of air to burn well. Allow logs to burn freely until they almost turn to charcoal. Then reduce the air supply to dampen down the fire. This stops any build up of smoke and tar.

Read more about the different uses of Firewood in the DWOSL Information Leaflet on Firewood

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