Winter 2015/2016 Newsletter DWOSL Winter 2015/2016, Foliage Sample, Timber Measurement, Items for sale

Spring 2015 Overview and DWOSL Submission to the new Forestry Programme 2014-2020; Acidification and other problems with planting in the hills; Watching Paint Dry; Freedom to Plant Trees and Grow; Upcoming Events

Autumn 2013 Autumn Field Day at Sallows, Topics include: First Thinnings, Wood Energy, Gasifier Project, Continuous Cover Forestry, Timber Security and High Altitude - Low Yield Class Forestry.;A tribute to the memory of Mr. Clive Evans; Laghy Nursing Home – LOPPER Wood Gasification Boiler installation; Permanent Cover Forestry (PCF); TIMBER STOLEN; Hazel… an introduction

Spring 2012 DWOSL AGM, LEADER and WOOD ENERGY Update; Chairman's Message:2012 – For Growth and Jobs let Farm Forestry flourish NOW; DWOSL LEADER Project 2012; ESCO Update; Results from our visit to this year’s Irish Ploughing Championship; What is Continuous Cover Forestry?; VEGETABLE OIL FOR LUBRICATING CHAIN SAWS; Members Corner: Stolen Timber.

Summer/Autumn 2011 Chairmans message; Fast Track Farm Forestry Now; Fire risk in upland areas; Foliage sampling; Chain Saw Safety: No Tricks; Forecast Workshop; How to measure a timber stack; Energy Crop Report launched at Donegal Woodland Energy Workshop; Upland Management; Wind Damage to Leaves; Fire for a Queen; Upcoming Field Days

Spring 2011 Report from DWOSL AGM 2011; Elected Committee Members 2011; ESCo Update; Firewood; Thoughts on Forest Fires; Enclosing and Extinguishing a Forest Fire; My Experiences with a Forest Fire; Wildlife Survey; Upcoming Events

Winter 2010 Chairmans Message: Farm Forestry demands growth and fair play; Wood Energy Study Tour 2010; Should the DWOSL enter the ESCo Market; TEAGASC Growers Group Conference - Cooperation to Compete; Get Thinning in 7 Steps; Members Corner: Diversivication; Biodiversity in Conifer Woodlands

Spring 2010 AGM 2010, Available Services to Members, Forest Fires - Environmental Inferno and Irish stupidity, Irish Forestry - a (very) brief history, The interactions of wildlife and woodlands: Challenges facing woodland owners in Donegal, Upcoming Events

Autumn 2009 Chairman’s Message; Committee 2009 - 2010; The Inventory Project; Swedish Forestry Fair Study Trip

Spring/Summer 2009 Study:Developing a stand-level inventory; Fire - A Risk That Concerns us All; Woodlands - Access and Litter

Winter 2008 Budget 2009; Firewood for profit and heat; Timber: Producer and End-user -from planting trees to building houses; Nutrient deficiencies and foliar sampling;

Autumn 2008 First Committee Elected; Official Launch 28 June 2008; Membership; A Guide to Inspection Paths; Update on forestry grant schemes

man walking in forest beside stacks of wood


DWOSL The Way Ahead Information document for Special General Meeting, September 2014. On how the DWOSL has evolved and where it will go from here.

ESCO Service Contract

DWOSL The Way Ahead Information about different types of Firewood, e.g. Hardwood vs. Softwood; Dry vs. Wet Wood and different Burners.

Donegal Woodland Owners Business Trip to Black Forest, Germany 2012

Field Day Report, Sallows near Frosses, 2013. First thinnings in Sitka Spruce with aim to move to CCF System

Forest Fungi in Ireland Seminar Report – August 2009 by Meike Siebel

Introduction to Deer and Deer Management in Ireland Identification, Economic factors and Conservation issues

RASLRES - Wood Energy Study Tour Report 2010 Highlands & Islands Region, Scotland

Teagasc Tending and Thinning of Broadleaves Recommendations for the tending and thinning of:Ash, Sycamore, Alder, Norway Maple, Oak and Beech.

2013 Wood Works Training Course An intensive 6 month introduction to all aspects of woodland and forestry employment.