Donegal Woodland Owners Society Limited, (DWOSL) is a wood fuel supply co-operative which supports and promotes timber plantation and timber marketing. Our members are dedicated to developing a sustainable approach to energy use.  Join us today!

Donegal Woodland Owners Society Ltd

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The Donegal Woodland Owners Society Ltd (DWOSL) is a wood fuel supply co-operative which supports and promotes sustainable forest management and timber marketing. With members throughout Donegal the DWOSL is dedicated to developing a sustainable approach to energy use by promoting the use of wood as a fuel.

Laghy Nursing Home – LOPPER Wood Gasification Boiler Installation
2018 Knowledge Transfer Scheme
Forest owners out learning about forest practices!

This website offers information on firewood supply and on how to manage your timber plantation successfully.
Have a look at our List of Services and Charges or contact us to order firewood, about joining our Society or for more information about pro-active management of your plantation and its marketing potential.


>>> AGM NOTICE <<<




Will be held Tuesday 10th September 2019 at 8.00pm

In the Parish Centre, Stranorlar, Co Donegal.

(Behind the Church, at the bridge)


>>> 2019 Knowledge Transfer Scheme for Forestry <<<

Donegal Woodland Owners Society Limited

DWOSL are running Knowledge Transfer Schemes across the county for the 3rd year (for 2019) to educate forest owners about forestry. This has proven very useful for previous attendees, and is open to all forest owners who will be paid to learn about managing and understanding their forests. Owners can pick and choose what they wish to learn about. 7 x 70 euro will be paid by the Department of Agriculture for attending lectures, field visits, discussion groups, and activities. A great opportunity to learn about your plantation and network with other owners across the county!

Please contact Ross Buchanan on 086 777 4295 to participate.



>>> 2018/2019 Knowledge Transfer Scheme for Forestry <<<

Donegal Woodland Owners Society Limited

DWOSL will be running a series of Knowledge Transfers in Forestry in Donegal and are taking registration for these. There are a limited number of places and it is first come first served. This is open to forest owners in the county (and even into Sligo and Leitrim).

Attendees are paid 70 euros per session for 7 sessions to learn about their forest assets through lectures, field visits, discussions, and activities on topics of interest to forest owners.

This is also time limited as the Department of Food Agriculture and the Marine require a minimum number of sessions to have taken place by the end of the year so we will be kicking off asap.

Please contact Ross Buchanan on 086 777 4295 to participate.



*** Field Day ***

Donegal Woodland Owners Society Limited

Saturday 15th September 2018 - 1pm Teevickmoy, Stranorlar.

Visit to John Jackson's plantation.In John Jackson’s Forest, Stranorlar Co Donegal F93 VA43 Mobile 086 817 50 56

Topics; Inspection Paths, Felling Licence, Forestry contractors, Thinning your forest, Roading,

Timber sales, Firewood Processing and Mobilising Donegal’s Timber.
Directions to J J’s Forest, Teevickmoy, Stranorlar.

1.6 miles out from STRANORLAR on Letterkenny road. Follow the DWOSL FIELD DAY SIGNS Turn Left
Off main Road (opposite forest on your right side). This road is marked L70 84.

It is the FIRST long laneway on the RIGHT side (just after the first sharp bend to the right).The visit will include looking at very productive Sitka spruce which has undergone a 2nd thin.

John also reconstituted an area of ash using a very interesting mix of species that serve as a sort of trial for how lots of different species and mixtures might perform in Donegal.

This is a working forest and we will look at firewood production as a means of increasing forest product value.



*** AGM NOTICE ***



Will be held Tuesday 28th August 2018 at 8.00pm

In the Parish Centre, Stranorlar, Co Donegal.

(Behind the Church, at the bridge)


The DWOSL Winter Newsletter 2015/2016 is publish with great deals on previously DWOSL owned machinery and timber measurement tools

***Chairman's Message, Winter 2015/2016***

After our AGM I was elected as Chairman at our monthly meeting. It is a great honour to serve as Chairman of DWOSL. The committee that we have at present are putting in a huge amount of voluntary work with no expenses applied. This amount of voluntary work cannot be sustained. So we have decided to change our way of doing business by having a more hands off approach, but also to be more informative and engaging with our members.

With the turnover that we have, we find that our overhead expenses e.g. insurance and accountant are unsustainable.
The Gasifier in Laghy is now sold as a going concern to one of our members and we wish him well with this business Also our second Loper Gasifier has arrived safely in Ireland. The other machinery that we have, some of which we have made good use of, and some not, we have now decided to sell. Details are elsewhere in this newsletter.
While listening to the leaders from all the different countries in Paris recently talking about climate change, I can’t help but fear that they are all rearranging the deck chairs and some playing fiddle on the sinking titanic. While it is up to the bigger economies to really make a difference, e.g. America, China, India to name but a few, it is also up to Ireland to do our part. Forestry is where Ireland can really help in lowering CO2 emissions. We have vast areas of land which are not in use that can be used for planting trees. Unfortunately, from our point of view, there are restrictions on most of these areas. If the Government is serious about climate change, they need to sit down with the proper bodies and work out what areas are suitable for planting, and make the necessary steps to have these lands available.
Finally I would like to wish you all a prosperous New Year.

Charlie Doherty, Chairman DWOSL


The website now includes a brand new Buy & Sell Section - where Members can advertise timber and equipment sales free of charge! If you are a member of the DWOSL and have anything you want to sell or buy please send an E-Mail including a picture and detailed information to ADMIN: or Contact us.

Read about recent developements and projects in the DWOSL Newsletter - Autumn Edition 2013

such as the recent commissioning of our first log gasification boiler installation in the Nursing Home in Laghy (September 2013). The Lopper CEO, Mr. Dieter Schlottmann and Andy, a technical engineer from LOPPER company in Germany spent 3 days approving, commissioning and training the gasifier operating personnel.
Following that, for a period of seven days we provided the heat for the Nursing Home. The Nursing Home reported a more than adequate supply of heat. Following some technical changes we have installed the Heat Meter and are now ready to go into production.
Our projected budget is within target and we will be in a position to invoice from November onward. For interested parties please have a look at the DWOSL ESCO Brochure.

With 40% of this resource in private ownership, Donegal Woodland Owners Society Limited has been established to maximise the value of this resource for woodland owners by creating added value through sustainable local employment.

At present, annually, over 200,000 tons (over 90%) of timber leaves Donegal unprocessed with little or no added value, as it leaves the forest gate and County Donegal in raw saw log form. Today, with the increasing volumes of timber now coming onto the market from the newly established forests in the private sector, Donegal Woodland Owners Society Limited (DWOSL) is determined to build up new and existing forestry enterprises and a forestry culture within Donegal.

Delivering a community-based renewable energy heating solution

Most beneficially, our program and goals will:

Funded by the Forest Service of the Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food under the National Development Plan 2007-2013. Reg. No: 5481R