Donegal Woodland Owners Society Limited, (DWOSL) is a wood fuel supply co-operative which supports and promotes timber plantation and timber marketing. Our members are dedicated to developing a sustainable approach to energy use.  Join us today!

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*** 2018 Knowledge Transfer Scheme ***


DWOSL are running Knowledge Transfer Schemes across the county for 2018/2019 to educate forest owners about their forest assets. This is open to forest owners who will be paid to learn about the value of their forests and what management steps to take to maximise their value. 7 x 70 euro will be paid by DAFM for attending lectures, field visits, discussion groups, and activities.

Please contact Ross Buchanan 086 777 4295



DWOSL Field Day on Sat 15 th Sept 2018 at 1pm
In John Jackson’s Forest, Stranorlar Co Donegal F93 VA43 Mobile 086 817 50 56Topics; Inspection Paths, Felling Licence, Forestry contractors, Thinning your forest, Roading,

Timber sales, Firewood Processing and Mobilising Donegal’s Timber.
Directions to J J’s Forest, Teevickmoy, Stranorlar.

1.6 miles out from STRANORLAR on Letterkenny road. Follow the DWOSL FIELD DAY SIGNS Turn Left
Off main Road (opposite forest on your right side). This road is marked L70 84.
It is the FIRST long laneway on the RIGHT side (just after the first sharp bend to the right).


*** AGM NOTICE ***



Will be held Tuesday 28th August 2018 at 8.00pm

In the Parish Centre, Stranorlar, Co Donegal.

(Behind the Church, at the bridge)



DWOSL Field Day - Saturday 10th October 2015

Meeting point: John Jackson's Forest, Teevickmoy, Stranorlar, Co. Donegal

The field day had a great turn out. The itinerary included two site visits:
Site 1. (MEETING POINT) John Jackson’s Forest Yard, Teevickmoy Stranorlar. A lively discussion on Manual Chainsaw Timber Felling, Timber Extraction, Roading and Yarding,Firewood and Kindling Processing and Costs took place.
Site 2. At Michael Maguire’s Forest, Liskeran, Stranorlar
Discussions on Roading, Timber Harvesting and Forwarding to roadside. Log sales at roadside.The majority of timber sold from this site was sold by weight.


DWOSL invited all members to its AGM held on FRIDAY
June 5th 2015 at 8:00 pm

 DWOSL Field Day - Spring 2015

The well attended field day was held in association with Forest Service, Teagasc and IFA Forestry Farm Section at Teevickmoy Forest, Stranorlar on Saturday 11th April 2015

Topics included: Planting, Mixed Tree Species and Biodiversity, Forest Thinning, Timber Harvesting, Forest Roads, Firewood production and Log Sales. DWOSL update.

 Special general meeting - September 29th 2014

DWOSL invited all members to attend a Special General Meeting at the CLANREE HOTEL, LETTERKENNY, updating members on the ESCO gasifier operation and discussing the WAY AHEAD.


DWOSL invited all DWOSL members to its AGM on Monday 31st March 2014, 8 pm at the An Grianan Hotel, Burt, Co.Donegal
The Itinerary has been posted/emailed out to the DWOSL members!

Autumn Field Day 2013

Field day at Sallows, Frosses, on Saturday, 2nd November 2013, at 11am.

Field Day: Donegal Woodland Owners were holding a field day at the Evans Family Farm & Forest. Topics included: First Thinnings, Wood Energy, Gasifier Project, Continuous Cover Forestry, Timber Security and High Altitude.

For a more detailed report click here

Field day on forest fires and forest reconstitution

DWOSL invited all woodland owners in Donegal to a field day at the Croaghs, near Glenties on Saturday, 29th September 2012, at 2pm.

The subject was forest fires and forest reconstitution. All participants were kindly asked to assemble at the gravel pit on the R253, Ballybofey-Glenties backroad entering the Croaghs.

Joint ITGA Fieldday with the Donegal Woodland Owners Society - Donegal

19th October 2012 Joint ITGA Fieldday with the Donegal Woodland Owners Society - Donegal

Introduction and welcome to Donegal and DWOSL by John Jackson (Chairman DWOSL)

Presentation on the establishment of DWOSL and how this initiative has developed to become a wood fuel supply co-operative incorporating the sale of fuel wood from its forest owner members and also offering Energy Supply Contracts (ESCO) to clients through the Donegal Woodland Owner Society Limited structure.

Introduction and welcome to Carnowen woodlands by Ralph Sheppard.
We also walked nearby Carnowen woodlands – 20 acres of mostly native broadleaf trees which were planted in 1990 and 2000. These are designed and managed to support both quality timber production, and to encourage wildlife and biodiversity. DWOSL has carried out two light thinnings in Carnowen woodlands, extracted the timber by quad and trailer, processed into firewood and sold the seasoned timber locally. These mixed species woodlands have already attracted about 90 species of wildflowers, and more than 200 species of moth, and have won their owners, Ralph and Liz Sheppard, the 2005 RDS–Forest Service Irish forestry award for bio-diverse forests/woodlands. Ralph, who is
also an ecologist, will talk on how planning for the long term can benefit both timber production and nature.

DWOSL Chainsaw Training Courses

At the recent ‘Post Harvest Training for Woodland Owners’ course organised by Donegal Woodland Owners Society Limited (DWOSL), DWOSL members could sign-up for a CS30 Chainsaw Course.

Courses were conducted by North West Forest Services based in Ballybofey and are running throughout the month of September.

The courses were conducted over two days, including assessment by an accredited assessor. Successful completion will result in accreditation of the CS30 qualification by City & Guilds/NPTC.

Dates and Venues for the Classroom sessions and field days during the 2012 DWOSL Leader project 'Post-Harvest Training for Woodland Owners'
Dates and Venues of the 2012 Leader Project ‘Post Harvest Training for Woodland Owners’

Classroom Session on 'Post Harvest Training for Woodland Owners’ during the 2012 Leader Project
Steven Meyen speaking about 'Methods of Timber Extraction, Health and Safety, and Current Legislation' at the First Classroom Session during the 2012 Leader Project 'Post Harvest Training for Woodland Owners’

Enthusiastic woodland owners at DWOSL's visit to McCool's sawmill in Stranorlar during the DWOSL Leader Project 2012
Enthusiastic woodland owners at DWOSL's visit to McCool's sawmill in Stranorlar during the DWOSL Leader Project 2012

At the 2012 Business Study Trip to Germany
At the 2012 Business Study Trip to Germany

Participants of the Forest Walk, Talk & Tea - on DWOSL Leader Projects and Thinning of Conifers
Participants of the Forest Walk, Talk & Tea - on DWOSL Leader Projects and Thinning of Conifers

Participants of the Advanced Chainsaw Course 2010 - further beginner courses are in planning
Participants of the Advanced Chainsaw Course 2010 - further beginner courses are in planning

Classroom sessions and field days during the 2012 LEADER project
‘Post Harvest Training for Woodland Owners’

The training programme ‘Post Harvest Training for Woodland Owners’ was funded by
Donegal Local Development Company Ltd and Inishowen Development Partnership.

Courses covered a number of topics on
Post Harvest Training and consisted of classroom sessions,
field days and a limited number of chainsaw training places.

All sessions took place in both Inishowen and central Donegal venues.

See adjacent table for dates and venues.

The aim of the course is to enable the forest owner to
process and market their timber to achieve the maximum return from their forest.

First Classroom Session during the 2012 Leader Project

7th July 2012, Finn Valley Athletic Centre, Stranorlar

Donegal Woodland Owners Society Limited’s (DWOSL) first session of the Post Harvest Training for Woodland Owners was warmly received in Stranorlar last week.
Speaking to a lively audience, Steven Meyen, Forestry Development Officer from Teagasc guided the group through the various methods of timber extraction, health and safety, and current legislation. Paddy Donovan lead an animated discussion on quality standards for wood fuel and forest certification.

Welcoming the response of the participants, John Jackson, DWOSL Chairman said, “We are delighted by today’s turnout to the first classroom session and hope to welcome even greater numbers at our next event on Tuesday Evening, 17th of July, at the Finn Valley Athletic Centre at 7.30pm.
The audience included a significant number of new faces. This highlights the value of such courses if we are to enable the woodland owners of Donegal to maximise the return from their forests.”

The day-long training concluded with a visit to a local sawmill, McCool’s, where a very interested group of woodland owners learned the ideal way to present timber for sawmill processing and gained an appreciation of the challenges facing sawmill owners at this time.

Commenting on the benefits of the day’s session a number of attendees praised the course on its insight into up-to-date practices and informative content. They welcomed the informal format which enabled open debate on a question and answer basis. It was noted that many of the questions raised were concerning costs, prices and profits.

The next session which will cover Marketing, Branding and Packaging & Distribution will also include an address by lecturer Professor Dr. Rainer Luick from Germany. Prof. Dr. Luick is an authority on the biomass industry throughout Europe. DWOSL has been exploring this market for some time and is expanding its wood energy supply business. The Professor from the University of Rottenburg has an established working and advisory relationship with DWOSL in a number of areas.

In addition to the classroom sessions and chainsaw training, the Programme includes individual forest visits by a professional forester. These are on-going and are being received with positive results through the exchange of data and advice dispensed by the forester.

All sessions are taking place in both Inishowen and central Donegal venues.
The first classroom session for the Inishowen area will take place at An Grianan Hotel, Burt on 21 July at 12noon.
All woodland owners in Donegal are welcome.

The project is being co-funded by Donegal Local Development Company Ltd and Inishowen Development Partnership under the LEADER programme.

For more details of all classroom sessions and field days in each venue see table above or call ADMIN 086 0410809.

DWOSL Business Study Trip

29/05/2012 – 02/06/2012, Black Forest, Germany

Looking at Wood Gasifiers and Timber production in the Black Forest Region, Germany. To read the full report click here


SAT 29/10/11, 11am, Teevickmoy, Stranorlar, John Jackson's Forest


RASLRES Wood Energy Seminar – Building Local Wood Heat Markets

14th June 2011, 1:30 pm, Villa Rose Hotel, Ballybofey, Co. Donegal

A report can be found in the Autumn Edition 2011 of the DWOSL Newsletter.

Forest Walk, Talk & Tea - on DWOSL Leader Projects and Thinning of Conifers

Sat, 30th October 2010, 2 pm - Farm Forest of John Coyle, Killycreen, Ramelton

A Forest Talk was given on Selective Thinning of a 20-year old conifer woodland, detailing costs, procedures, forest
management and tourism from the contractor and forest owners’ perspective. Further information was given
at the day about the successful 2009 and proposed 2011 DWOSL LEADER Project.

Teagasc Growers group Conference

October 21st at Camphill Community, Ballytobin, Callan, Co. Kilkenny
see Teagasc Forestry webpage for further details:
Click here

A Sub-Group of the DWOSL Committee attended the event on behalf of the DWOSL.

RASLRES - Wood Energy Study Tour

10-13 Oct 2010, Highland & Islands, Scotland

Read the full Report with kind permission by Bernadette Phelan, WDC

Field Day in cooperation with PRO SILVA Ireland

Time: Sat 2nd Oct 2010, Thomas Becht's Woodland & Organic Farm, Doorian, Glenties

The field day was a great success and attracted keen interest from members of the DWOSL and PRO SILVA Ireland alike. A diverse range of woodlands and the different stages of conversion were looked at. This field day was a great opportunity for private forest owners to learn about close-to-nature forestry and to get practical advice on how to convert their own woodland.

Basic and Advanced Chainsaw Courses in cooperation with Teagasc and the FTEI

Members of the DWOS participated successfully in a basic and an advanced chainsaw course during the month of June 2010. The courses were organised through Teagasc and FTEI.

Forest Walk on Thinning of Broadleaves

11th May 2010, 2 pm - Farm Forest of John Jackson,Teevickmoy, Stranorlar

Teagasc and the Forest Service in association with the Donegal Woodland Owners Society were organising a forest walk to the topic: Thinning of Broadleaves at the farm forest of John Jackson.

John Jackson, chairman of the DWOS welcomed all members and interested people from the public. Steven Meyen from the Teagasc introduced the selection process of suitable future crop trees. He explained how to measure the height of a tree and the two stick methode which eases the selection of trees to be thinned out. Martin Regan the local Forest Inspector adviced that a General Felling License is necessary if any trees are cut. It can be optained for a maximum of 5 years. Meike Siebel, Forester of the DWOS pointed out that the DWOS offers a range of services which can be helpful such as assisting with the application work, giving advice on the different managment options and assisting the practical work by offering competitive rates for fully qualified and inssured chainsaw and machine operators.

During the event it was explained:

 Evening Seminar on Pre-commercial Thinning and Nature Oriented Forest Management
19th May 2010, 8 pm - Finn Valley AC Center, Stranorlar, Co. Donegal

An evening seminar was given on Wednesday 19th of May 2010 at 8 pm in the Finn Valley AC Centre in Stranorlar.
Prof. Stefan Ruge (Fields of specialisation: International Forest Management and Botany) from the University Rottenburg gave a presentation on Pre-commercial Thinning and Nature Oriented Forest Management.
Topics of the evening seminar include:

The event was a great opportunity for all Donegal Forest Owners to get an insight into other management options practiced on the Continent.

The event was held as part of the annual study tour of the University of Rottenburg which is the former University of Meike Siebel, Forester of the DWOSL